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Hey my loves,

There are many different things in life which people regret, whether that’s getting into debt, not doing well at school, relationships or simply not pushing yourself to do something which could have been a great opportunity.

Like most people, I have many regrets in life and that’s completely normal- not everybody can be perfect at everything. We all have our weak points and that’s okay.

Having regrets can be really disheartening as you always have those thoughts in your head ‘what if’ and ‘I should have’ but always remember there is nothing you can do about it now- and there will be another opportunity that comes up. All is not lost.

One of my main regrets is not going to UNI straight after sixth form. I worked so hard for 3 years at Sixth Form and I could have gone to UNI and finished a couple of years ago- which ultimately means I would be in my dream job right now.

As much as it annoys me and it really is a kick in the teeth- I know that there is no point on dwelling on what happened- it won’t change anything and it won’t magic my degree out of nowhere. So I have to learn to live with my regret and move on.

You may know that I have been trying to turn this around and start UNI this year, but unfortunately, that is looking unlikely. (keep your eyes peeled for that post soon.) So instead, I am doing all the things I can to make it possible for me to apply and enrol for next year-fingers crossed.

My point to this post is that I want you all to know it is okay to have regrets and that doesn’t make you a bad person. You may feel like you have let yourself down but in most cases you can easily turn that around.

Next time you get offered an interview or an opportunity that could be great for you just think carefully before you make the decision. Just ask yourself…. will I regret this a few years down the line if I turn it down?

Not every opportunity or scenario is going to be for you, but just be sure that you definitely want to turn it down before you give your answer.

I hope this post helps some of you who are worrying about your regrets and I hope it also helps you to push yourselves in situations which may be out of your comfort zones.

Let me know if you have any regrets and what you are trying to do to push yourself that little bit further.

Remember…. everything happens for a reason.

See you all soon.

Victoria Ann xx


Hey my loves,

Over these past few months, I have started to fall more and more in love with anything Soap and Glory- I just cannot get enough!!

Last Christmas, I was lucky enough to be showered with Soap and Glory products by my sister and I was so excited to try them all out. The one I was most excited for was the Love at first blush- because it was just so shimmery and gorgeous-ooh it’s just beautiful!

Soap and Glory’s love at first blush retails for £11.00 and is made up of both pinky, coral blush shades and white luminous highlight shades. This blusher creates a rosy glow on the skin and also leaves the cheeks looking flawlessly highlighted.

I love this blusher as it isn’t just one matte shade, the mixture of pinks, corals and highlighted shades leaves the cheeks with a gorgeous shimmer and also highlights the cheekbones leaving a silky luminous look.

This blusher can be used for multiple things, blush and highlight- not only for the cheeks but for under your brows too. I often use the white highlighting shade under my eyebrows to make them look more defined. (it works a treat.)

I would highly recommend this blusher if you are looking for something which is shimmery on the cheek and very highlighting-if you are after a matte shade, this probably isn’t the one for you.

The Soap and Glory Love at first blush is definitely one which I am going to be repurchasing as I think it is up there in my top 5 favourite blushers. Why don’t you try it out? Let me know what you think.

What are your favourite blushers and your favourite Soap and Glory products? I would love to know, let me know in the comments below.

See you all soon

Victoria Ann xx


Hey my loves,

So that time of year has come round where everyone goes mad for this years top festivals. Festivals aren’t the most glamorous events to go to so it is important that you pack the essentials to get you through those grubby few days! Here are my top festival essentials:

A reusable water bottle- I know what you are all thinking- (Why would I need a water bottle when I am just going to be drinking myself silly with whatever alcohol I can get my hands on?) Well I am going to go all mumsy on you now and tell you how important it is to stay hydrated with WATER when at festivals. With drinking so much alcohol it is important to make sure that you are also drinking plenty of water to ensure that you aren’t going to get poorly. Most festivals usually have taps around camp which you can fill up so always keep a bottle handy.

Wellies- Wellies are a must when going to a festival, as you all know festivals grounds are usually on a field and can be incredibly muddy-especially if you are in the UK. Even if you just buy a mega cheap pair and then throw them away after, you have to wear wellies or boots- else your feet will be sunk in the mud.

Waterproof- If you are going to a festival in the UK especially, it is important to take a waterproof coat, even if it is just a light mac coat, it will keep you semi-dry.

Dry shampoo- I would highly recommend that you take dry shampoo with you if you are going to be there for a few days. It will just give your hair a bit of life if you give it a quick spritz, I recommend the Batiste dry shampoo range.

Toiletries- Festival life isn’t exactly the most glam time, but if you back a little toiletries bag then you can try and keep yourself as fresh and clean as you can be. I would recommend packing a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet roll and some wipes. This way you can wash your face and body with the wipes and keep yourself fresh with deodorants.

Sunglasses/sun cream- Who knows, miracles could happen and the UK could provide us with some sun this festival season, but I highly doubt that. Just in case, take these with you to keep you protected from the sun. The last thing you want is to be suffering from sun stroke!

Snacks: I would also suggest taking some snacks with you such as crisps or chocolate, just to give you a boost when you need it. 

Paracetamol- For all you party animals out there, it may be handy to pack some pain relief for those mornings where your head isn’t feeling to great-haha!

I am sure there is many more essentials which you may take to a festival but these are my top essentials for the festival season. Let me know if you are going to any festivals this year and what essentials you are taking with you.

See you all soon
Victoria Ann xx


Hey my loves,

So I am trying something new today, and every Tuesday for that matter! Along with a normal post whether thats an advice or a beauty related one I will also be posting a bonus post. These posts will be a part of my project and it will be called "TAG TUESDAYS."

I thought it was something a little different and fun, and who is going to complain about an extra bonus post eh?! I hope you enjoy this new feature-let me know what you think in the comments below.

This tag is going to be a get to know me tag- I thought I would start these TAG TUESDAYS off by giving you an insight to my life and everything I love. Enjoy!


Victoria Ann

Nicknames? There are so many- Toria, Tori, Torre, Vikky, Vik, Vix.

Birthday? 10th August.

Place of Birth? Devon.

Starsign? Leo.

Occupation?  Retail Assistant.


Hair colour?

Hair length? Bob, just above the shoulders.

Eye colour? Brown.

Best feature? Eyes.

Braces? I used to have them a few years back, but no longer.

Piercings? Ear lobes and ear cartilage.

Tattoos? None.

Righty or lefty? Righty.


Best friend? Emillie, we met in reception.

Award? I can’t remember.

Sport? Dance.

Real holiday? Paris, Disneyland.

Concert? Ben Ottewell.


Film? Bridget Jones Diary. She is fab!

TV Show? Catfish- it is amazing! (If you haven’t seen it-watch it!)

Colour? Pink.

Song? You are all going to get sick of hearing it. Army- Ellie Goulding.

Restaurant? Pizza Express.

Store? Saltrock.

Book? Girl online Zoella.

Magazine? I never really read magazines.

Shoes? Converse- every single time.


Feeling? Happy, as always.

Single or taken? Taken.

Eating? Nothing right now.

Listening to? Jeremy Kyle in the background ha-ha.

Thinking about? My answers to this tag, it’s a hard job.

Watching? Jeremey Kyle.

Wearing? Saltrock White tee, Grey joggers.


Children? I would like 2 in the future.

Marriage? Yes, when the time is right.

Career? Occupational Therapist.

Where do you want to live? Somewhere quiet.


Personally, no.

Miracles? Yes, have had a personal case of this.

Love at first sight? Lust not love.

Ghosts? Nope.

Aliens? Absolutely not.

Soul mates? Yes, something which is very nice to have.

Heaven? Nope.

Hell? Nope.

Kissing on the first date? Personally, I wouldn’t.

Yourself? Unfortunately, not.

If you have made it this far then well done, and now you know all these wonderful and weird facts about me. I tag you to do it, so I can have a nosey into your life and all your secrets.

See you all soon.
Victoria Ann xx
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